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Office chair massage

Dear Managers and employees,
I would like to introduce our service the office chair massage. I am sure you have had experienced strain in your neck or waist or headache as you sit all day front of your computer or tiredness of your wrist and finger using the mouse.

With 14 years and over 10.000 hour of massaging experience I can firmly state that we can improve our well being and health even weekly 15 minutes of office chair massage. Unfortunately in our fast-paced world in addition to working and family it is very hard to find extra time for visiting a masseur. For this reason we come right in your office weekly or biweekly at a prearranged time. We only need a smaller room (it can be a meeting or dinning room) where the person who receiving the massage can relax for that 15 minutes and than can continue the work refreshed.

15 Minutes

Even weekly 15 minutes of office chair massage can significantly improve our health.  Unfortunately we can hardly find time to go regularly a masseur.

a Small space is enough

All you need is a small room - this may be a meeting room, a dinning room where you can relax for 15 minutes. After the massage, you can continue to work, refreshed.

More efficient work

When employees feel that they are appreciated and the company is taking care of them and their well being they will work with greater enthusiasm and a more positive attitude.

health preservation

When the workers are more relaxed, they are much more efficient. It is also proven the massage helps to preserve their health resulting  fewer sick leaves.

How the office massage is done?

You need a quiet place designated by your company, which may be either an empty meeting room. The guest is seated in dress enjoying the 15-minute session through a special chair provided by me.

During the massage my focus is on the painful body parts of sitting, especially due to computer work like back, waist, head, neck, upper arm, forearm, hands and fingers. Its beneficial physiological effects are proven by numerous researches.

The office massage stimulates the work performance, concentration, reduce stress, thereby helping to optimize workplace atmosphere.


Minimum take-off time for 2 hours massage.
15-minute massages are available.
For detailed information and an accurate personalized quote, please e-mail me.

1850 HUF / 15 minutes

Massage contraindications

Acute conditions, inflammatory diseases, postoperative 6-8 weeks, contagious diseases, fever, fracture, ficam, burns, trauma, drunk state, epilepsy, skin changes, malignancy, first 12 weeks and last months of pregnancy, strongest menstrual period, obstructive vascular disorders, acute venous diseases, heart rhythm disorders, advanced osteoporosis.

If you are unsure whether the massage can be performed, please consult your doctor beforehand.


    Szigeti Mónikának hívnak. 27 éve döbbentem rá, hogy nem szerettem az akkori szakmámat, így elkezdtem valami olyat keresni, amivel szívesen foglalkoznék. Kipróbáltam magam sok különböző területen, viszont hiányzott a lelkesedés és az a bizonyos plusz, amitől úgy éreztem, hogy ez nekem való. Egészen 2005-ig, amikor először mentem el egy masszázsra, amely megváltoztatta az életemet. Olyannyira kikapcsolt és segített feledni a mindennapok okozta problémáit, hogy akkor és ott tudtam, hogy ezzel kell foglalkoznom. Segíteni akartam másokon, lehetőséget nyújtani, hogy akár rövid időre is, de el tudjanak szakadni a világ gondjaitól és csak a saját testi, lelki feltöltődésükre tudjanak koncentrálni. Így a munkám mellett elkezdtem kitanulni különböző masszázs fajtákat.

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